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Drive the growth and long-term stability of our capital investments


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Established in 2012, Thrive Elements Enterprises Limited is an investment holding company with controlling interests in the financial services sector.

The core activities of our subsidiaries include wealth management, investment advisory, venture capital, private equity, and fund management.

Our subsidiaries distribute their offerings through an extensive global network spanning;

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • North America

Built on traditional financial values and an uncompromising commitment to integrity, premium service, and social responsibility, Thrive has distinguished itself for its unique ability to deliver a parent business that enables international financial services firms to achieve their full potential.


Thrive employs a dedicated management team with expertise in acquisitions, corporate scalability, and finance. They are seasoned professionals with a forward-looking vision and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our leadership team possesses the vision, insight, and experience necessary to identify, acquire and reinvent underperforming middle-market companies operating in the finance sector.

Our primary objective is to maximize shareholder value by driving the growth and long-term stability of our capital investments.

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Social &
Economic Impact

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Thrive seeks to make a positive social and economic impact through our business operations.

Our goal is to improve job quality, increase benefits adoption, enhance financial well-being, and boost employee retention across our subsidiaries.

By improving the job quality and lives of employees, we believe our subsidiaries can profit from a more engaged and productive workforce.


We have ESG principles built into our wider business activities, and we have embedded them into our investment decision process.

Thrive and its subsidiaries are committed to offering transparency into our business operations and providing our stakeholders with key data supporting our sustainability.

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